Corporate Responsibility

As a family company, Super Grip cares for you!
  • Workers' Welfare

    Our workers are allowed to stay with their families in our dormitory for free. Our canteen also provides subsidized meals for their convenience and good health.

  • Environment

    To safeguard our environment and to preserve the nature, our products are 100% recyclable. We strictly comply with the laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Thailand. We cherish our environment and nature as the treasure for our future generation. On request, we use environmental friendly Eco-Alpha ink for your printed products.

  • Community

    Thailand is a Buddhist country. As a part of the community, we would like to share our religion and blessing with all others. We have built a Luang Phor Thuad monk statue to enshrine and worship for blessing and betterment in life. Its presence also helps remind the road-users to drive carefully along the highway. And we provide religious gathering for our staff for their spiritualization.

  • Customer

    Our company's motto is to take care of our customers no difference from our family. This is how we achieve sustainability. And this is how we keep our family business running after so many years. And we are very proud to supply you with our quality products!